Rohrflex, Slavonski Brod - Croatia, flexible hose, engineering, supplying, export-import, l.c.
Metal hose
Hose assemblies:
  • for flow of liquid and gas mediums: steams, acids, lye, fuel and air
  • limber and amortizing elements for working machinery and tanks / containers
  • for vibration take-over on pumps, compressors or various actuators

Hose material:
  • stainless steel

Fitting material:
  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel
  • brass
  • copper
Calibre range: DN5 - DN300 mm
Compresion range: up to 400
Temperature range: -270C to 600C
Fittings: flanges, union flat joints, butts
Rohrflex l.c., Slavonski Brod, November 2004.
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